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Hidden Secrets


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Related Links

these are the great places i go to when i'm spending my  mother's money on the inter net ^^;;; but chck em out after all u've seen my work on this place so u KNOW i've got great taste *big proud grin*

lets start with a few story message boards shall we these two owned by yours truly ^.^



this one his made by my little web sister Aikyo and her BOYFRIEND
OKAY NO NO thats not true LOL they're just FRIENDS honest she is gonna KILL me when she sees that O.OUUU

Dark Angel Sactuary message board

and ofcourse the vampire's lair itself owned my Shaara-chan my rockin vampire friend

Stormy Fate

THESE owned by the coolest cat i've ever met my funny friend alikat who alway keeps me smiling ^.^

Down Visions

Evening Visions

one by ANOTHER web sister adobogerl-chan who has ALWAY been there for me and knows how the cheere a sad girl up (not that everyone else doesn't guys)

Ayrora Beams

and one by the most kick butt cookie i've ever met whom i believe is gonna make it BIG in the music buz some day and will either slash or e-mail me to death if i didn't link her -.-U

Emarald Sourceuress

Saphire Dragon

Amethyst Eyes

and i aint done either BUT i'm gonna stop and rest now hey making a site is hard work u know so till i up date C YA