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Hidden Secrets
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Beliefs and Opinions

Here's what I think...

First off...

In this column, I'll talk about some of my deepest beliefs. What do I think are the most important principles that someone should rule their life by? What are my religious beliefs? My political beliefs?

but please remember these are MY beliefs i'm not asking ANYONE to agreey with them but only to read, consider and respect them
and maybe go to my contect me page and drop me a line telling me what your beliefs are ^^

My Philosphy

i do NOT believe that good things come to those who wait, i believe good things come to those how work for, seek and honestly earn it. if it is earned without honesty then the owner is not worthy of it i believe it will NEVER be as satisfying and it will eventually be taken away from that person

i believe no person or animal should be judged not by race, sex, beliefs, physical or mental ability

i believe that in life there are only two answers yes and no NEVER maybe or perhaps

i believe that dreams can come true when u believe and work toward them with all your determination

i believe two wrongs dont make a right meaning because someone does wrong doesnt mean they should be wronged in return

i believe the world is a beautiful and miraculous place if only we would open our unseen eyes

i believe that giving weather material or emotional weather support or just a simple hug kiss or smile can stop someone from making the biggest mistake of there lives...

i believe that as long as u believe and have someone to believe in u, u can over come all obstacles

i believe the 3Bs dont go together (boys books and babies)

i believe that NO mortal person has the right to judge another to tell him or her what is right only the true creator has that right

and lastly, most importantly

i believe there is an all mighty a creator of all, one who had a son and gave him up to save us for he loved us so, and that all he asks is we love him fear him and obey him.

~if u find a watch sitting on a stone in the middle of a clear field would u just assume that it fell from the sky, bit by bit, spring by spring in that specific order JUST like that so it would work that way???


someone MUST have made it to be the way that it is so over all I believe that God is REAL

THIS is my philosophy

whats yours?

My Opinions on Current Events

In this column, I'll write some of my opinions on current events. I'll date my entries and update this page frequently, whenever I feel moved to write.

I can talk about politics, sports, technology, whatever is important to me -- because of course, more people should share *my* opinion. ;-)
what is UP with this whole Benladon thing i mean REALLY he feels a little jelious or he doesn't like being in the dark so there fore........he blows people up??? o.O
now THATS REALLY smart and this guy is the leader of a contry Okaaaaaaaaay
sorry but no matter how u cut it it doesn't make sence its like saying "i'm mad at u so i'll kill everybody else" *.*WHAT????
sorry if u don't agree with this but..2 bad i do so THERE don't "blow me up" or nothin LOL

Do you agree or disagree with my beliefs and opinions? I'd love to hear from you. Check out my "Contact Me" page to send me e-mail.