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Hidden Secrets
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My favorite Links

these are the places i spend most of my time at, they have no SPASIFIC listing just places i REALLY love going...

The message board i hang out at with my online sisters, chattin, havin parties, going crazy and writing role play
it's my home

Dreams For Tomorrow

well the name just explains it hu? This place is FULL of animated gifs from tons of anime's i LOVE it!!!

Animated Anime Gifs Paronoia

Oh my gush this manga is so great!!!
oh, i jjust found it today 25-1-03 and i read it all in one go and it's great!!!
and i just CAN'T wait for the next chapter!!!
warning: this manga contains guy+guy=mush
so if yr some anti-gay dude step AWAY from the link! lol =^.^=

Cursed Moons

warning:also includes guy guy=<3

now if u read this comic you'd KNOW y it has its own fanclub and i gotta tell ya, its a good one! ^^
BmB is such a great comic and this is the original fanclub by:b'fly
so believe me i can promise you that if u click on the BmB link yr gonna be REAL greatful for this one ^.^

BMB FanClub

oOoOoOo HOW to explain this link, Piggy Ho Ho is the owner of this site and *sob* she's so great! she is how i met three of my online sisters, she hocked me to the message boards and i thank her.
her fan fiction is FABOUSLY, she does things such as
Card Captor Sakura
Final Fatasy
Yami No Matsuei
and who knows what her next obsetion will we
keep going piggy-sama we love u!!!

~Blue Ciel~

more to come ofcourse *.~ and if u wont u can even send meh an e-mail tellin me about yr site and if i like it and i go visit i'll link ya, course u gotta return the favour....
note:site MUST be child safe no nastiess and volgarity and things againist the law please