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Hidden Secrets
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Tht little space on the home page was way too small anway...-.-U

its been a while...pretty much two and some years actually...
But here i am!
with a tiny update....
More Fanlistings!
since so much is going on and i'm so busy i think for now, all this is going to be is my personal site. It will have updates as is possible, i'm a Teacher now so, you should know what that means...if you dont, one word 'BUSY'
so ya...i'm trying.
i still dont want my site to die Y_Y
Happy Holidays everyone!
obviously i'm still suffering post-hurricane so tiny tiny update
more fanlistings!
okie dokie so stand still website again as i live in one of those Hurricane Ivon affected countries, the most affected actually..
as you can probably guess, i'm screwed,
no electricity so OFCOURSE no website updates :(
but no worries, just a few months and this site will have more updates than ever before !
mwahahahaha-ha-*cough* cough* *cough*
okay, that'll be enough then
oh! little updates on the about me page.
yep, some new quotes (more to come) and an imood!
how am i feeling?
go see!!!
new page!
the idea just hit me XD
my new obcession!
wow not one update last month XD
well, better late than never right?
lets see...i made this very page look better, added a line or two, changed the pic on the side to a pic of one of my site guardians ^_^ got ride of that dollz page, for now at least and put up a NEW PAGE in its place. which would be the Site Guardians page
go check em out!
aw they so pretty!
i love them!
and i intend to add more ^_^
every page on my site deserves a protector and they'll get one too but as for now only the guardians on my Site Guardians page inhabit my site :D
since i've found a comp briefly and i'm so devoted to my site, i made a tiny update to my favorite links and i even wanna add some more soon as i can remember em XD
due to cercomstances beyond my control construction of this site will be at a temarary stand still as...well basically XD my computer broke T_T
AND I MISS HER SO MUCH! i love my comp *sniff* *sniff*
but it's ok, i'll get through it and i'll get RIGHT back to my site!
i love this site and it WILL be great someday!!
that u can count on
i have added the more bumperstickers as i promised!
don't i just rock?
ofcourse i do :D!
and for my next update i'll add that there page i promised...or atlest i hope so...
oh and i fixed the D-sailor sensie page, now you finally know who they ARE exactly XD
well, i'm back from vacation but i'm over WELMED with school work *sigh* i have so much to do so little time...
i have a feeling it will be a while before my next update, but don't worry!
for i owe u guys TWICE as much bumperstickers and a
NEW PAGE-i'll give u a hint "kitties"
till my next update
ja ne ^.~
p.s. ok so my visitor counter wasn't workin right for a second there but, bada-BOOM i have fixed it!
~cause i'm smart like that :D
tiny update, changed the side pic on this page, yay! i've been wonting to do that for a good while now just could find something good enough.
BTW that pic aint mine i repeat it aint  mine, i forgot where i got it but it was from a page where a girl made guardians, that one right there is the Guardian of redheads ^-^ aint she pretty?
the arrtist's singature (as u can see i left it on like a good lil fan) is MP
yep so that's it at the moment...
my day of leaving is rapitly aproching >_^
so i'm trying to speed up my uopdates!
two updates in a row sugoi! ^+^
remember that page that was supposedly in progress?
not anymore!
So now you can go right ahead and click on over to my newly up Adopted Delinquent Salior Senshi page ^_^
p.s. there was also a small update to my favorite stuff colum in on the "about me" page, i just added what my favorite manga and movie was no biggie :p
well i guess i couldn't keep those close updates goin hu....oh well -.-U luck had to run out sometime, but on a good note, tests are over so yay ^+^
i fixed the bumperstickers page FINALLY and there's a new progress...
so u have no reason to investigate that page less yr nosy and well, just want to see what an empty page looks like i suppose XD;
these updates sure have come close eh? XD;
usually they're months apart....
well, i have tests soon anyway and then i'm going on vacation (NYC BABY!)
so i guess i kindda have to make up as much as possible ne?
so not only did i give u that promised new page but i gave you 2!
ya i rock!
so new "bumperstickers" page up!
and ofcourse as u can see, new "updates" page up, that lil space at the front wasn't enough :p
added more bashies!
i know small but next time i update there's a knew page comin!
welp, i put up a new link in the link area again but tripod hates me again so i'll have to fix it better a lil later ne?
oh, what to, what to update hmmm? you peeps need to e-mail me, sign the guess book, tell me i'm doin somethin right XD; else i'm gonna be stumpped when i finally DO get a breake from school work...
<3 ~LadyLove~ <3

and now u know where to come when u need to know what's new! ~.^